It can drive you nuts thinking about how to balance the need to pay your bills with the desire to do something that you are passionate about. The truth is, not many of us will ever have the opportunity to do a job that we love. I was aware at an early age, that I had the gift of music in me.
    I started my studies at a very early age, and to some extent, continue those studies today. I have never considered for a moment that I needed to make a living with this gift. Music was and is, very much a part of me. Music is who I am. The satisfaction that I get for the ability to create a melody that other people enjoy is enough for me to continue to pursue this gift. As the artist “Sting” said, “Music is it’s own reward.” I could not have said it better. However, this reward does very little to pay the bills if you don’t focus on ways to monetize things. For me, money has never been my first thought, and perhaps those closest to me may have wished it was. Doing music for the sake of music itself, keeps the music pure. As with social media authenticity, music must always remain honest. This is not to say that there isn’t a place for all kinds of music. 
    I have felt for some time, that music is a means to allow people to feel emotions they have trouble feeling on their own. Music becomes a conduit between people of different cultures and lifestyles, connecting their hearts to a greater reality. I can only pray that the music that I have made and continue to make has been pure of heart and true to my original calling. My music has taken me around the world many times and has fundamentally been my teacher in the world. To this, I thank God for all music……our music.