Quite a few years ago, while on tour in Europe with a major recording artist, I was having a coffee at a street cafe in Lille, France. As I was sitting there enjoying my coffee and baguette, a small group of street performers walked by. They had a juggler, a contortionist and a solitary clown. The energy of the juggler and the contortionist was active and dynamic. However, when the clown walked by me and paused, I became aware of the sense of melancholy and deep sadness as though time had stopped to mourn the death of a loved one. This sensation touched me deeply and remained with me for quite a while after I left France. I have always found it quite easy to go to that place of melancholy when composing music and with this collection of melodies I used my solitary clown for inspiration. 


I started off with a piece I named after my daughter, Anabel. This piece represents the complicated sadness as well as love I feel when away from my daughter. 


The rest of the songs represent emotions that I associate with that experience with my solitary clown years back in France. This is a solo piano collection that is very introspective and emotional. I feel that if I caused someone to feel an emotion from listening to something that I composed, then that’s a win for everyone.


 Release date: March 29, 2024