In an attempt to assemble a collection of themes that support scenes about love, intimacy and passion, I composed 11 suites based on piano and a modest textural ensemble. After years of scoring for TV and film and later as a post supervisor, I wanted to create something that is universal in it’s voice and feel. These themes are perfect for those universal moments of love, affection and sincere passion. 

 Years ago on my first stage play performing for Tyler Perry and his “I Know I’ve Been Changed,” I was called upon to come up with underscore to a scene of a play that I did not know. This was during the actual performance in Miami at the Guzman Theatre. It was a scene about a drug addicted mother that allowed for her children to burn in a fire while she was away doing drugs. I could feel the emotion and knowing nothing else, I looked up and began to play the Adagio di Albinoni. It fit the scene perfectly and even though this was an all black audience of mostly older women, there was not a dry eye in the house. This showed me early on in my career that music and emotion are universal and if care is taken, the universal language of music can transcend genres and styles. “The Grande Passion” is a collection of themes that serves the emotions of love, affection and passion.


Release Date: Apr 26, 2024