On a cold day last week I turned on some music in my house to listen to as I managed my online tasks. I have a playlist that consists of Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross and Drake. All new albums and all purchased and downloaded from iTunes although this could easily be about Amazon Music or Google Play Music. I’m playing back from a Gen2 iPod and into an amazing multimedia amp/reciever and then a pair of top of the line speakers. As I’m working, I become aware that the music sounded like crap. It was a bit dark and muffled. I went from Wiz to Rick to Drake and they all sounded pretty much the same. 
So I went to another playlist of Schubert Sonatas that I ripped from CDs that I own as well. These are higher resolution MP3s with larger file sizes. The music sounded a lot better but still not nearly as good as playing the CDs.
Enter, the MindMagic®Audio challenge. I have the same playlists from the same source on my iPhone 6 plus. However, on my iPhone I have this amazing app called MindMagic®Audio. I plugged it in to the same system in my living room and started with the rap playlists. THERE IT IS!  MY MUSIC! Using the MindMagic®Audio App gave my music a sound as good as my CDs or better. I didn’t find myself thinking how dark something sounded, but how freaking amazing is Rick Ross, Schubert, Andre Bocelli, 311 and anything else played through this app. I found myself lost in the music again and working as contently as possible. 
The point to all of this is our music. I absolutely love MP3s and the fact that I can carry my entire music collection with me in my phone. This is true freedom. The problem is that MP3 compression dulls most music into a null that can be irritating and basically offensive. We as a music consuming culture have been beaten into submission and listening to a sad representation of a gifted artist’ craft. I think, that the same love and passion for music can be had again. It’s a very small price to pay to find the love again. As for streaming, it is even worse on the sound of the music, no matter what premium subscription you have. Take the challenge for yourself. Happy Listening.