Trini Lopez Guitar

Why does Buddy Black prefer Gibson Trini Lopez guitars?

According to Buddy Black, we can start with the obvious. The artist models Gibson made in the 50s and 60s were some of the finest instruments ever. Diamond inlays, 6 in a row headstock, bound diamond shaped sound holes and engraved nameplate make them stand out in a crowd. According to Buddy, every one he has picked up plays like a dream and has a voice like no other. That’s where the not so obvious comes into play. The trapeze bridge and headstock

Buddy Black And His Bronze Mist Poly

Buddy Black Playing A Trini Lopez Guitar

design add up to much longer strings. That may be the real key to Buddy’s attraction to these rare and highly sought after guitars. He says they feel so comfortable in his hands and the humbuckers scream or sing just right for his in your face attack. The center block is as used on the ES345. They have the route for Varitone and were made from denser maple than the ones used on ES335s. Buddy says they are some of Gibson’s greatest secrets!!!!

More About The Trini Deluxe

Buddy has several of the standard models. Some in rarely seen custom colors. The one in the attached picture is Bronze Mist Poly. Most likely the only one ever made. He uses the hollow body version, the Trini Deluxe for some of the softer songs. The rarest Gibson signature model. Only about 300 total production. Buddy has a 1964 Deluxe. One of two shipped during the first year of production. It has a wider fret board than most and early patent sticker pickups. They have non t-top bobbins, purple wire and alnico 5 magnets. Effectively the best of the PAFs. The fattest and hottest sound of any Gibson hollow body he has ever played.

You can read more on Buddy Black here and his music on his site.  More about Buddy and his music is available on this site.