Soy Una Taza” is the first release from Latin artist, Anabelita. Sung in Spanish, Anabelita’s music is produced for kids of all ages.

    The EP contains 3 Spanish language children’s songs:           (1) El Baile Del Sapito – is an uptempo Latin groove that is the Dance of the Little Frog.            (2) Pio Pio is a rock version of the song about Little Chickens.           (3) Soy Una Taza is a bachata version of A Little Tea Cup. These songs are all sung by American-Colombian, Atlanta based Catriona Anabel Forbes. 


    Anabelita is the artist name of Catriona Anabel Forbes. Daughter of an  American music producer and a Colombian scientist, Catriona has spent her early years traveling the world with her family. Catriona is fluent in Spanish and dreams about one day being an astronaut. 
    Anabelita es el nombre artístico de Catriona Anabel Forbes. Hija de un americano productor de música y una colombiana científica. Catriona ha pasado sus primeros años viajando por el mundo con su familia. Catriona habla español y quiere ser astronauta algún día.