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    Glenn Miler Orchestra 80th Anniversary

    RELEASE DATE MARCH 8, 2024 – Glenn Miller Orchestra 80th Anniversary With Strings recorded live in Nashville, TN. Produced by me for Hindsight Records. Amzing album with a few surprises in store. It was a joy to work with such an amazing band. Kristin Wilkinson was my string contractor and conductor. This was a magical album.The band was recorded at The Sound Kitchen, Big Boy room, and engineered by the great Kent Hooper. The strings were recorded at ESM Studios in East Nashville and engineered by Aaron Dethrage. Aaron, IMO, is one of the best recordist in Nashville and someone that I completely trusted with this huge job. Check out the project at and get ready to presave when available. This album will be presented as a vinyl LP, CD and all streaming platforms. Don’t for get to follow me at 

    Carmen McRae – Reimagined

    In the past few years I've had the opportunity to reproduce some significant historical jazz artists from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Starting with Doris Day "With Love" I have produced a total of six of these albums including the latest, Carmen McRae, "Let There Be Love."...

    John Forbes – “Spirit of Dogie Long”

    In 2015, I had the opportunity to meet a film industry professional that has become a creative and business partner. Rick Padilla is afilm director that worked with the legendary Hal Ashby as hiscreative associate. Hal was considered one of the greatestdirectors to...

    John Forbes Featuring Quan Howell “Go To Sleep”

    "Go To Sleep" is a song written and produced by John Forbes for his daughter Catriona. With Grammy winning singer, Quan Howell, this is a beautiful symphonic lullaby.  Shortly after the birth of my daughter in 2011, I found myself rocking her to sleep every night...

    John Forbes Featuring Courtney David “Stay High”

    New Collaboration Between John Forbes and Courtney David Titled "Stay High." In 2019 I received a phone call from a label in regards to a newly released, Kanye West, Gospel Album. The label was aware of my history in Gospel music and asked if I would consider...

    John Forbes

    With over 30 years in the entertainment industry, John Forbes has made music for some of the most successful companies in the world. With a wealth of knowledge that comes from hundreds of productions, adding value has become more than a cliche, it’s a mantra. From scoring music for film and television, to radio and the web, John Forbes has a track record of success. 


    John Forbes was featured in Sound On Sound Magazine – The article was written by British author David Greeves and covers the production work done for the 2011 Mr. Smith World Tour for Ne-Yo.  The article was researched before during and after the production of the tour. John discusses, software and hardware selection along with arranging and orchestration techniques used for this project. The use of cutting edge technology in the production of the music, enhanced the audio-visual experience of the entire show.

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    Recent Projects

    Love Jones The Musical 2016

    In September 2015 I was contacted by Executive Producer, Melvin Childs, about producing the music for a stage play based on the 1997 Warner Brothers film, Love Jones. I have known Melvin since he discovered Tyler Perry in 1998-1999 and I put the first band together for them. Melvin said that there would be a large number of artists/ actors singing there own songs and that there would be times that guest celebrities would be included in certain markets.    

    My Drink With Peter Fonda

    I had just finished working on the Rick James album "Urban Rhapsody" while living in Hollywood Hills with my girlfriend. My life was moving to a place that I had known too well. A, touring musician living in Southern California, I had played for some of the biggest...

    Why Buddy Black Plays Trini Lopez Guitars

    Why does Buddy Black prefer Gibson Trini Lopez guitars? According to Buddy Black, we can start with the obvious. The artist models Gibson made in the 50s and 60s were some of the finest instruments ever. Diamond inlays, 6 in a row headstock, bound diamond shaped sound...

    Blues Artist Buddy Black

    Buddy Black This Man Sings The Blues BUDDY BLACK has traveled the globe as a journey man guitar slinger. Played for and shared stages with some of the best. Ernest Tubb, Johnny Rivers, John Conlee, Johnny Paycheck, Chubby Checker, Percy Sledge, Artimus Pyle, Matt...

    George Massenburg Speaks

    This is the genius sharing about where we are in recording and how we got here.