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I've been scoring the music for the new Audio Global "Mind Magic" video to be used in broadcast and all international ad campaigns. The project has been ultra exciting encompassing music from many different genres from hardcore Zimmeresque cues to techno CSI moments. The music is providing a colorful backdrop to the voice talent of Daniel Pierce, a Los Angeles actor and voice-over artist. This project has utilized some of the newest technology at all levels of production. Working with vidoegraphers Gemini Productions of Nashville, the entire project has been developed with the global technology market in mind. Release dates for the Apple and Android "Mind Magic" apps are expected to be before Jan 1.


Back In The Saddle Again

I've been back in the composeer seat again working on music for Television News as well as a CBS prime time television show. The studio has undergone a major upgrade with the addition of another 12 core machine and further expansion of the Pro Tools 11 platform.I'll be blogging the specific sytem and work flow that I use in the coming weeks on my Blog @ I just had an old friend from Japan here for the past week and the energy has been amazing. I look forward to further exploration of melody and harmony in the world of music. #musicforthemasses #scoretheworld • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes