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music is reward

  ForJam Media is the home of Composer and Producer, John Forbes. With over 25 years in the entertainment industry, John has made music for some of the most successful companies in the world. With a wealth of knowledge that comes from hundreds of productions, adding value has become more than a cliche, it's a mantra. From scoring music for film and television, to radio and the web, John Forbes has a track record of success and the respect of his peers. 

"Evrything in the universe has a feel."

John F. Forbes


In an effort to get things rolling in a startup, one has to wrestle with the realization that your model is only as good as your word. In my life's work in music, I have watched the industry turn into something that looks a certain way, without ever having to be a certain way. What I mean to say is that credibility and authenticity have given way to the illusion of something without the merit achieved from working hard to master a skill, and then giving that skill to humanity in it's purest form.

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Living and Working With Passion

It can drive you nuts thinking about how to balance the need to pay your bills with the desire to do something that you are passionate about. The truth is, not many of us will ever have the opportunity to do a job that we love. I was aware at an early age, that I had the gift of music in me.

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SOS Magazine Feature

John Forbes was featured in the November 2011 Edition of Sound On Sound Magazine. The article was written by British author David Greeves and covers the production work done for the 2011 Mr. Smith World Tour for Ne-Yo.  The article was researched before during and after the production of the tour. John discusses, software and hardware selection along with arranging and orchestration techniques used for this project. The use of cutting edge technology in the production of the music, enhanced the audio-visual experience of the entire show. see the article here

Audiofile Engineering Triumph

I’ve been a big user of Audiofile-Engineering's Triumph digital audio editor and mastering app since the demise of Bias Inc. Peak Pro. I was looking for an app that would allow me to edit, master and export DDP files for replication as well as any format audio file that a client might want. I needed it to be OSX native and completely bullet proof. Triumph fit the bill and has totally delivered.....even in ways that Peak never did. Well worth checking out.